Chiang Mai, a city surrounded by a ring of mountains, has weathered seven hundred years of fascinating history. Chiang Mai has its own very distinctive culture, arts, festivals, and traditions as well as an exciting mix of local, ethnic as well as expatriate communities from all over the world. It has been voted one of the top destinations to live in Asia and is a modern and cosmopolitan city, while not having lost its traditional old charm.

Are you unsure of how to behave in Chiang Mai? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered from the cultural norms to everyday dress so that you can conduct yourself in an acceptable and appropriate manner.

Did you know that Chiang Mai has the highest mountain in all of Thailand or that April is the hottest month of the year? Here you will find interesting facts about Chiang Mai’s history, religion, weather, geography, and people.

You might have noticed the many ancient Buddhist temples scattered throughout the city. That’s because approximately 85% of people in Chiang Mai practice this faith, making Buddhism a very important part of Thai life.

Artifacts and Crafts
Chiang Mai’s unique identity is rooted in its rich culture of creativity. Locals here are known to hand make some of the best ceramics, textiles, murals, and umbrellas.

Festivals and Traditions
A big part of Chiang Mai’s appeal is its countless events that take place every year. As the festival heartland of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai hosts an exciting array of traditional events that capture an international audience.

Chiang Mai has an impressive list of schools, universities, colleges and hospitals, which makes it an ideal city for both teachers and students.

Chiang Mai is the region’s capital for the best health and medical treatments. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, you will have access to a range of high-quality treatments for all of your needs.

There are many forms of transportation within the city. Depending on your destination and budget, Chiang Mai offers many ways to get to where you want to go safely and quickly.

Kam Muang
Did you know that not all Thais speak Thai? In fact, many of them speak a language known as Kam Muang. Even though it draws similarities to standard Thai, it is considered a very unique language.

Hill Tribes
Can’t tell the difference between all the hill tribes? Learn about these diverse groups of people.

Teaching English
As English is becoming a desired language among locals, Chiang Mai has become an attractive spot for foreigners to come and teach English.

Thrilling Jungle Adventure
You can’t be in Chiang Mai and not try the ziplining adventure. Even if you are a little height sensitive, the remarkable views of the rainforest and a glimpse of the gibbons are worth every heart palpitation.


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