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Perfect Lanna villa house with pool for rent, Flawless by the Ping River in Chiangmai, Thailand ฿75,000/Month (Rent for 12 months or longer)

ราคาเป็นเงินบาท: ฿75,000
ใช้อัตราแลกเปลี่ยนรายวันจาก European Central Bank

1 Rai (1,600 Sq.m)

3 Lanna houses standing tall by the west Ping for RENT in Chiangmai,Thailand is making more prominent by greenness of wild daisy or tridax that stretches around the building.Having the front of the house facing the River like river house in the old day, facing the road is the black wall, a screen for plants of various colors to bloom on when it's time of the year comes: Barbados pride that bloom all year round, the bright golden shower in summer and aromatic cork tree in the rainy.

Entering the house through a door inside for 5-7 cars. Being in the house area is as being in another world, the green world untouched from the heat of the global warming.

The main house has a big living room for welcome and nice western kitchen, Dining room, bathroom and outdoor living and surround connect with nice 5 villas and the end of gazebo to the view of Ping River

The garden have many with big tree overlook, swimming pool and outdoor bath tub. Feeling very relax and privacy in the houses area, passionate about about contemporary Lanna art and Thai landlord is charmed by European touch, their ends up with a combination of the arts from both continents.

Most furniture in the house is big to be proportional to the size of the room's space.The furniture is a mix match of the old and the old collection of them.

Paul C

"Unseen Amazing properties in Thailand and more than word" 

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